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Airport Parking & Valet Service

Parking in ACSA's car parks will cost you around R160 for a 12 hour day. An expensive exercise when added to the other costs of the days travel. Not to mention the frustration and stress of having to find a parking close enough to the terminal. Well our Airport Parking and Valet service eliminates all this unnecessary angst for you. All you need to do is drive up to the departure drop off zone and someone will be on hand to collect your car from you. They will even assist with handling your luggage. You car will be driven to a secure, covered parking a short distance from the airport, and when you return from you trip, will be outside the arrivals terminal, washed and vacuumed to hand it back to you. All this convenience and value comes at a cost of between R60 and R70 per day. Our members receive a further 10 to 14% off these prices.

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