Guaranteed discounts

Got questions? Here are the answers.

  • How soon may I book after subscribing?
  • Immediately. You will receive an SMS and an email confirming your membership number, which you can use to make a booking right away. Members paying by EFT will have to wait a maximum of 24 working hours until the deposit clears.
  • Do I have to let the establishment know that I am a HoneyStays member when making the booking?
  • Yes. You must let them know when making your first enquiry.'
  • How do I confirm to the establishment that I am a HoneyStays member
  • You will have to produce proof of membership and show acceptable ID when settling your bill. The establishment also has electronic mechanisms to verify your membership.
  • What is acceptable proof of membership?
  • A printed membership certificate, a membership card or a current SMS bearing your name and membership number. You will also have to produce your ID.
  • How often may I use my benefits?
  • You may book as often as you like.
  • How many people qualify for the discount?
  • Everyone related to your booking. However you, as the member, have to be present for the duration of the booking.
  • Can I pay a once off fee for membership instead of a debit order?
  • Yes. You can pay a once off fee by direct deposit or electronic funds transfer. We also have a secure credit card facility.
  • Can I book accommodation via HoneyStays?
  • No. You book directly with the establishment.
  • How long will it take to receive my membership number?
  • Membership is immediate. You will receive a printable certificate via email and a sms confirming your membership number.
  • How will I receive my discount?
  • It will be taken off your invoice on payment.
  • How many destinations participate in HoneyStays?
  • There are over 1000 HoneyStays establishments offering the standard discount and over 5000 who have access to Half-Price-Stays.
  • Are HoneyStays destinations only in South Africa?
  • No. We also have a few establishments in neighbouring countries.

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