Why Become A Honeystays Accredited Destination?

Information for Establishments

HoneyStays Membership Cards

Currently we have three valid membership cards in circulation. The HoneyGuide membership card and the HoneyCard membership card are systematically being phased out and replaced with the new green HoneyStays card. All three cards currently in circulation are valid and together with the member’s ID document, can be used to prove membership. Below please find examples of the cards:

The HoneyGuide Card
The HoneyCard Card
New HoneyStays Card

Checking membership validity

If you are unsure whether a member’s membership is valid, you can easily contact our support desk to confirm membership details on 0861 000 610.


Half-Price-Stays is a marketing tool designed to help establishments fill unsold beds and, in turn, increase revenue.

NB! Here are some very important points regarding your use of Half-Price-Stays.

  • You choose what unit/room in your portfolio you would like to advertise
  • You choose how many units/rooms you would like to advertise
  • You choose the dates and length of stay you want to offer the deal for.
  • You can load inventory as far into the future as you wish. The website will only display 4 weeks in advance.

For more information on making use of Half-Price-Stays, contact our Support Desk on 0861 000 610 or via email at support@honeystays.co.za.

Affiliate Partners

In our quest to drive occupancy on your behalf we have contracted a number of third-party programmes we refer to as Affiliate partners. If a person makes a booking enquiry to your establishment referencing any one of our affiliates, please treat them as HoneyStays members, as they qualify for the same benefits as a direct HoneyStays member.

Here are the current cards to look out for:

ProBeauty: ProBeauty was created especially for hair & beauty professionals with benefits relating to their industry. HoneyStays is included as a benefit for their members, so all ProBeauty members qualify for the discounted accommodation offerings provided by HoneyStays. Below is an example of a ProBeauty card which the member needs to present on arrival.